The Penis/Testicles
Male's only of course! ;-)

* Both Males & Females have a Cloaca in which the reproductive, urinary, and
      gastrointestinal tracts open. (Meaning - (to put it bluntly :-) They use the same
     hole to urinate/deficate, have sex, and give birth.)
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The Cloaca...
The Cloaca.

The Male Glider has a long, healthy pink-ish/red-ish colored, bifurcated penis...(meaning- the tip of the penis is split in two, or forked.) So no, your glider's penis is not mangled or disfigured, they dont have worms, and it is not their intestines. As strange looking as it is... it is very normal. :-) At times (especially during puberty & 'hormonal' times) the male will let his penis hang out pretty far, and some have even seen what appears to be their Gliders, ummm, weeell, flossing their teeth with it!!?!! (both of which are very normal) When a male Glider is relaxed the scrotum can hang down further appearing as though the testicles are barely attached by a tiny amount of skin (this too is normal).

In Gliders, if your going for 'birth control', its best to have the male neutered. (In my opinion, Id never have a female spayed. Which most Vets wont do, there are a few out there who would.) Some Vets chose different methods of neutering. Some use lasers, some dont, some remove the entire testicle sack with the testicles (remove the whole little bunny tail looking pom-pom), and some remove the testicles only, leaving the 'sack' (pom-pom) in place. Its best to discuss with your Vet what method they use, and ask questions and make sure YOUR comfortable with it. ;-) A good question to ask is whether or not they use pain management therapy after the surgery. (I personally feel they need pain medication to bring home afterwards...and I prefer one type of pain medication.) Its best to talk with your Vet about all your options, and why they chose the neutering method they do. Once neutered, the male's hormones will drop over a period of days/months. So while they are neutered, they are still capable of producing offspring for a short time. So if you dont want any (any more) babies, its something to think about. :-)

* If for some reason you see that your Gliders penis is NOT retracting (going back in) for a period of time, then you can use a water soluble lubricant (IE: KY Jelly, etc...) to keep it moistened until you get them to the vet soon for a check. Also if you notice your male messing with his penis alot, and hissing or crabbing while trying to potty frequently, or they appear to be straining, a Vet check may be a good idea just to rule out infections, illness, etc. :-)

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Pictures of the intact males penis, and relaxed Tescticles.
(Pic's dont show the 'forked' end well, but trust me its there. ;-)
The Penis & Testicles       The Penis & Testicles       The Penis & Testicles

Picture of a neutered male - testicle sack completely removed.
Neutered Male

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