"Coming in for a landing... look out below!"
The Patagium, or whats commonly called the Gliding Membrane (or what I call "wings" :-), stretch from wrist to ankle on each side of the Glider's body. It is folded close to the body when not in use. They can Glide (volplane) at least 50 meters (or 150 ft.) Give or take a few feet.!

Glider in flight.

1. Leap... The sugar Glider leaps from a branch, thrust by its hind legs. As it does, the gliding membranes spread out to support it.

2.Glide... By altering the shape and tension of the membranes and angle of its tail, it is able to adjust the flow of air and steer a course.

3.Swoop... About 10' from its target and a split second before landing on the tree trunk, the Sugar Glider swoops upward to slow down.

4.Touchdown... It makes a fourpoint landing on the tree trunk, sinking claws into the bark to avoid being bounced off by the forceful impact.

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The Gliding Membrane (Patagium)
The Gliding Membrane (Patagium)       The Gliding Membrane (Patagium)
Coming in for a landing...lol.
About to land...

* I personally do not use, or recommend, Glider Leashes/Harnesses. Im always afraid it might irritate their delicate Gliding Membranes. Id hate to think it rubbed a raw spot or could possibly cause any type of injury. (In my opinion, a well bonded Glider shouldnt need a leash, if I think my 'kids' could possibly escape in public/etc, I just dont take them. I prefer a nice secure bonding pouch/purse. (or in my little Amys case, a nice warm bra ride. ;-) If you notice any irritation, swelling, or general 'off' appearance of the Gliding Membrane/s, its best to have an experienced Vet have a look.

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General Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      Ears - Oh my! What big ears you have! ~ "Better to hear you with my dear."

                      Eyes - Big eyes! ~ "Golly jeepers, where'd you get those peepers!"

                      Nose - Sniff...Sniff... ~ "Whats that smell?"

                      Teeth/Tongue - Oh my! ~ "What BIG teeth you have!" .... and alot of em'!

                      Lips & Smiles - Smile for the camera! ~ Love those little lippys! (just for fun ;-)

                      Fur - "What a beautiful coat daaahling!"

                      Tails - Tails are so cool!

                      Hands/Nails/Feet - "Love those tiny little hands and feet."

                      Patagium (gliding membrane) - "Look out below! Coming in for a landing!"

Male or Female?

                      What is it - Is it a boy or a girl? How to tell the difference.

Male Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      Head Scent Gland - That handsome balding look!

                      Chest Scent Gland - "To mark, or not to mark." ~ That is the question...

                      The Penis - "What the heck is that?! A worm? Intestines?"

                      General Male Info - Male Info IE: size, weight, sexual maturity, etc...

Female Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      The Pouch - Awwwwww! "Where babies come from..."

                      The Vagina - Its ok to say penis and vagina!

                      General Female Info - Female Info IE: size, weight, sexual maturity, etc...

Joey's (Sugar Glider babies)

                      Joeys - Some info on these precious wee little thumb monkeys, and how they get here. ;-)

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

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