Male or Female?

Glider's in love.

Not quite sure what sex your furry little friend is? This is one of the most common questions about a Glider. Usually you can tell right away, even as soon as they develop and come out of pouch (OOP). Although, sometimes it can be confusing, depending on if you know what your looking for, or if it is a male that has been neutered.

* Both Males & Females have a Cloaca in which the reproductive, urinary, and
      gastrointestinal tracts open. (Meaning - (to put it bluntly :-) They use the same
     hole to urinate/deficate, have sex, and give birth.)
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The Cloaca...
The Cloaca.

Male or female... Do they act different? As far as behaviors (in my opinion)... I really believe it all depends on the individual Glider, their personality, and the Owner. They are all very unique, and can make wonderful little family members, IF taken care of properly and understood. ;-)


Male's -  
If your Glider has a 'pom-pom', the sack that contains the testicles (looks like a tiny little cottonball), it is a Male. Also, a non-neutered Male will develop a 'bald spot' when they reach puberty. (Not really a bald spot, its actually a scent gland that produces an oily secretion that slicks down the hair, giving the appearance of that handsome balding look. Some will have smaller bald patches, others have bigger ones. ;-)

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Photo's of a NON-neutered Male.
Head Bald Spot       Male Pom-Pom       Male Pom-Pom

A neutered male can either have the sack of the Pom-Pom left in place, with the testicles removed from the inside of the sack, or they can have the entire Pom-Pom removed. Once a Glider has been neutered, over a period of several days/months, their hormones will drop. The 'bald spot' on the head will go away and they will have a full head of fur ;-). If a glider has been neutered, and the testicle sack (pom-pom) has been removed completely, sometimes it makes it confusing for some to tell whether they have a male or a female. In this case, you will need to take a closer look. If there is a small 'pom-pom', but no bald spot on the head, it is a male. If there is no bald spot on the head, and no visible sign of a 'pom-pom', take a close look at the tummy. A neutered male may or may not have a small circular spot on the tummy in the fur where the pom-pom has been removed. (may look kinda' like a little tiny belly button/scar). Instead, if you notice a small vertical slit/opening in the tummy, it is not a male, its a girl. :-)

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Photo's of a Neutered Male.
Head Bald Spot Absent       Neutered Male


Female's -  
If your Glider has no 'bald spot' on the head, and no 'pom-pom'... take a really close look at the tummy (right around where you might think a belly button would be, or a little lower). If you notice a small vertical slit or opening in the tummy, that is the pouch. Which means you have a little girl. :-) Sometimes the pouch is tightly closed, other times when the Glider relaxes the muscles, the pouch will appear like more of a circular opening. (The pouch should appear a healthy pink color and never appear red, swollen, irritated, wet, etc...generally unhealthy. If so, seek a Vets opinion to be safe.)

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Photo's of Female.
The Pouch       The Pouch Relaxed

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