Why Glider's Uncensored was born...

I got up one morning (the very beginning of May 2002) and turned on the PC to check my emails. Sooo, I plop down in my desk chair to check it out... An email caught my attention that seemed frantic and urgent. As I read through it, I was shocked and horrified! A woman had emailed me and was VERY upset... she said her Glider had what appeared to be worms. She stated that she didnt know what to do... so I emailed her back and told her that what she was more than likely describing was in fact, the male's penis. I told her to call her/a Vet and ask if she was terribly worried, or at least give me the afternoon and I would try to take pictures of my male's penis to show her so she could compare it with what she was seeing.

Before I even had a chance to get a picture, she had emailed back within the hour... even more frantic telling me, that NO, it was not a penis, it was worms! She then made the statement that she had been trying to see if she could pull them out!!! (and said the Glider would bite her terribly when she would try... I can imagine why.) "GASP!!!!!!" I immediatly emailed her back and told her to STOP and do not attempt to do that anymore! I told her to wait and let me get pictures sent to her that evening. (I also told her an experienced Vet check up wouldnt hurt, and might help ease her mind.) Evening comes, and I email her 3 pictures showing the males penis (which indeed does look strange and can be shocking to see for the first time).

The poor lady... she emailed back a little while later, very upset. It WAS the penis she had been trying to pull out/off. She was very upset at the fact that she didnt know and could have possibly injured her Glider.

That night, I kept thinking about it and thinking about it... I decided that I would sit down and quickly build a small site that had some Glider anatomy information on it, just in case I EVER got another email or question like that again! 5 days later, May 5th 2002... 'Glider's Uncensored' was born. In the hopes that it would help someone, somewhere not have to go through an incident like this one. Since Glider's Uncensored began, weve had many many visitors, and hopefully helped an owner or two understand some about these furry little beings! Thats what were here for. :-)

Thank you for taking the time to visit us!
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General Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      Ears - Oh my! What big ears you have! ~ "Better to hear you with my dear."

                      Eyes - Big eyes! ~ "Golly jeepers, where'd you get those peepers!"

                      Nose - Sniff...Sniff... ~ "Whats that smell?"

                      Teeth/Tongue - Oh my! ~ "What BIG teeth you have!" .... and alot of em'!

                      Lips & Smiles - Smile for the camera! ~ Love those little lippys! (just for fun ;-)

                      Fur - "What a beautiful coat daaahling!"

                      Tails - Tails are so cool!

                      Hands/Nails/Feet - "Love those tiny little hands and feet."

                      Patagium (gliding membrane) - "Look out below! Coming in for a landing!"

Male or Female?

                      What is it - Is it a boy or a girl? How to tell the difference.

Male Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      Head Scent Gland - That handsome balding look!

                      Chest Scent Gland - "To mark, or not to mark." ~ That is the question...

                      The Penis - "What the heck is that?! A worm? Intestines?"

                      General Male Info - Male Info IE: size, weight, sexual maturity, etc...

Female Sugar Glider Anatomy

                      The Pouch - Awwwwww! "Where babies come from..."

                      The Vagina - Its ok to say penis and vagina!

                      General Female Info - Female Info IE: size, weight, sexual maturity, etc...

Joey's (Sugar Glider babies)

                      Joeys - Some info on these precious wee little thumb monkeys, and how they get here. ;-)

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

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