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On this page you will find links to Sugar Glider or Glider related websites. (in no particular order)
We do not necessarily share the views/opinions of these sites, or endorse their products.
(although there are quite a few that we absolutly LOVE! ;-)
If you would like your website added to the list/removed...please feel free to email us!
Many THANKS to all who love and cherish these little guys.

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Message Boards

              Glider Central - Lots of really good stuff here! :-) SO much to read and see!

              Sugar Glider Resource Center - An extremely knowledgeable site, lots of articles, a death database, LOTS of goodies!


              ISGA - The International Sugar Glider Association.

              Sugar Glider Resource Center - An extremely knowledgeable site, lots of articles, a death database, lots of goodies!

              Glider Health Website - An important site for help dealing with Self-Mutilators. (Please donate to the EVF if you can! :-)

              Is Veterinary Service Needed - A nicely thought out questionare to help out in an emergency. (and q's to ask the vet)

              Sugar Glider Info - Bourbon and Ruth's Sugar Glider Info. Great site with info on all aspects of Glider ownership.

              Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges - Some information on Gliders.

              Hilltop Animal Hospital - A guide to medicine and surgery in Sugar Gliders.

              Brain Museum - Info on Sugar Gliders and pictures of the brain.

              Pet Care Library - Preventative care... lists some of the things that can be poisonous to our animals.

              Sugar Gliders - Some more info on Gliders.

              Sugar Glider - Petaurus Breviceps - Some more info on Gliders.

              Iguana Den - A list of Fruit ca/ph ratios, to help feed our furry litle friends.

              Iguana Den - A list of Veggie ca/ph ratios, to help feed our furry litle friends.

              Marsupial Milk Replacers - Wombaroo milk replacer for wee ones.

              Gould League - Australian wildlife cams. Observe Gliders in their nestbox on cam in the wild.

              Joey Growth and Development - Wonderful site showing a joeys growth and development!

              Marsupial Info - A little Marsupial info on reproduction.

              Marsupial and Mammal Reproduction - A little more info on Marsupial reproduction.

              Australia's Lost Kingdom - A little info on Sugar Gliders.

     - The difference's between a Sugar Glider and a Flying Squirrel. (Lots of goodies too!)

Breeders-Glider Products-Supplies

              Ebay - All kinds of Sugar Glider goodies to be found here! ;-)

              Glider Daydreams - Some VERY nice and unique Glider beds and toys! Very high quality!

              Peggy's Pyro-Techniques - Beautiful and fun wood burned nestboxes, toyboxes, etc... Good stuff!!!

              K & D Exotics - Great cages & Glider accessories as well as Sugar Glider Breeders.

              Vancouver Gliders - Nice site with lots of great info! Sugar Glider Breeders in Canada.

              To and Fro Gliders - Pouches, accessories, cool well as Breeders.

              Sweet and Sour Sugar Gliders - Pouches, toys, etc... adorable bra pouches for women.

              My Little Gremlin - Breeder, offers support 24/7 to her little ones.

              Suncoast Sugar Gliders - Glider products... free monthly newsletter starring the fabulous "Arnold T. Schwarzenglider"

              The Gliding Room - Glider Pouches, cages, toys, wheels...

              Pam's Pet Portraits - Beautiful Pet Portraits done by Pam.

              Kangaroo Connection - Alot of nice Sugar Glider collectibles. All kinds of stuff for us Glider Lovers.

              CalleJean's Creations - Glider toys and goodies.

              PouchSaver - Home of the Sugar Glider Tri-Pouch.

              The Enchanted Glider - Offers babies for adoption. (Home of the precious little Miss Sophie!)

              Martin's Cages - Cages and Accessories.

              Transoniq - Home of the Wodent Wheel.

              Toy Making Supplies - Some toy making supplies for those do-it-yourself'ers!

              Klubertanz - Good place for PVC coated wire and cage building materials.

Personal/Fun Glider Websites

              Custard Pie Postcards - Some cute online Sugar Glider postcards to email your friends and family!

              Xylo's Playhouse - Too cute! Crank up your PC speakers! Sure to make you smile. :-)

              SGGA - Sugar Glider Get Away. An annual event for glider lovers from all over! :-)

A few of my own personal Glider websites... BMXgirl

              Mya's House - Semi-Instructions to build an easy, good sized, and affordable cage. (Mya's old house.) 2000

              Very 1st Dallas Glider Get-Together - Very first Dallas Tx. Glider get-together. Just a handful of us...we sure had fun! 2001

              Curly Tail Mya - A little of Mya and her curly tail. :-) 2001

              Baby Food - Some more of our silliness...LOL. (this is a joke) 2001

              Tony comes home - Introduction to our little Tony when he first came home. 2001

              MandT Meet - Mya and Tony meet for the first time. 2001

              The Spooky Glider Mansion - Mya and Tony move in together. Their Halloween site. 2001

              The Scary Rubber Chicken - Total silliness. Mya and Tony Halloween. 2001

              MandT Christmas - Mya and Tony's Christmas site. 2001 (* Free hammock making instructions.)

              Tony (aka-Snakeman) - Memories of a dear friend. (this is who my first male came from & his namesake.) 2002

              Wheat Grass - A little info on wheatgrass and our 'kids'. 2002

              Coco'Nut'House Instructions - Instructions on how we made our Coco'nut' Houses for our 'kids'. 2002

              Running Weels and Stuff - The 'kids' modified running wheels and some cage stuff. 2002

              The Circus Tent - A few pictures of the 'kids' old play tent. 2002

              For the love of a cookie cutter... - My little Mya's obsession with her red plastic heart shaped cookie cutters. 2002

              Just how smart are they? - A little silliness with my little Tony. :-) 2003

              MandB Meet - Mya and Buddy meet for the first time... their Halloween site 2003.

              MandB Halloween Punkin's - Mya and Buddys printable Sugar Glider Pumpkin carving patterns for Halloween. 2003

              MandB Christmas - Mya and Buddy's Christmas site 2003.

              MandB's Christmas Gift Tags - Mya and Buddy's printable Sugar Glider Christmas gift tags. 2003

              Tat Party - Tattoo party we held... and of course, my tattoo is Glider related. ;-) 2004

              Basil - A sweet little boy named Basil that Ive had the priveledge to be Nanny for. :-)


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