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Welcome to our "Tattoo Shop"... Open 24hrs.
(A few pictures of our guests...Click on a pic to enlarge!)

       tattooshop.jpg <-- Entrance into the 'Tat Shop'
       ivanbefore.jpg <-- Before
       ivanafter.jpg <-- After... design added to background.
       nicolestat.jpg <-- Old tattoo made new...
       paulastat.jpg <-- Bracelet in progress...
       paulastat2.jpg <-- Bracelet... much prettier in person. :-)
       daddytat2.jpg <-- cool in person... Baby bottle with his Daughter's name.
       mommytat2.jpg <-- Cute! Her Baby's name is in the design.
       robtat.jpg <-- Touch-up work.
       robtat2.jpg <-- A little touch-up on an older tattoo.
       charlestat.jpg <-- LOL... A guest shows off one of his tattoos.
       fourleafclover.jpg <-- A four leaf clover for a St.Patty's Day baby.
       robnjohn.jpg <-- Having a good time...
       sidkissing.jpg <-- Sid (Tat Artist's Glider) Giving a guest a kiss! Awwww!
       nancynbmxgirl.jpg <-- Nancy (Tat Artist's Glider) Hanging out with BMXgirl.

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Please do not use any of the images or graphics here without
proof of granted permission. ;-)     Contact: BMXgirl