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July 19th 2004 - Mya Bugaloo celebrated her 4th Birthday!
We had a surprise birthday party for Mya and her family...
I decorated the playroom with colorful fun streamers and birthday signs, 'wrapped' her presents,
made her annual muffin birthday cake along with 'icecream'.. and got the camera and video camera ready...LOL. ;-) They all had so much fun! They 'partied' for hours!

Here are some pictures from Mya's 'Birthday Party'...

Annnnnd some extra special pictures of our never before seen -
- *brand new* family member. (BIG grin ;-)
Please click on a picture below for a larger view...

       myasbirthdaycake.jpg ~ Yuuuum, Mya's special Birthday cake and 'icecream'.

       myasbirthdayplayroom.jpg ~ Getting ready for Mya's surprise Birthday party! Woo-hooo!

       myasbirthdayplayroom1.jpg ~ Lots of streamers everywhere and Birthday wishes for our girl!

       myasbirthdaysign.jpg ~ Mya's special Birthday sign made by our Daughter. :-).

       myasbirthdaymya4.jpg ~ Mya checking out the party room..

       myasbirthdaypartyguests1.jpg ~ Buddy & Scooter....Party guests.

       myasbirthdaypartyguest.jpg ~ Hanging out at the party...

       myasbirthdaypartygroup4.jpg ~ Party pyramid picture... group shot. :-)

       myasbirthdaypartymya.jpg ~ Happy Birthday to youuuu, Happy Birthday Dear Myaaaa....

       myasbirthdayparty.jpg ~ Everyone enjoying cake and icecream.

       myasbirthdaypartymya1.jpg ~ Miss Piggy Mya enjoying Birthday treats.

       myasbirthdaypartyguests.jpg ~ Buddy and Scooter enjoying party treats upside down. ;-)

       myasbirthdaypartymya2.jpg ~ Time to open presents! Woo-hooo! What'd ya get My(a)?!

       myasbirthdaypartymya3.jpg ~ Ooooh! A new toy, with matching BIG bed and hammocks made by Mom!

       myasbirthdaypartygroup.jpg ~ They partied for hours! By morning the playroom was trashed...LOL! (seriously)

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Mya!!!
We are looking forward to many more happy birthdays...

*We would also (if you dont mind :-) like to introduce our newest family member!*
A little from the begining - My little Mya was a rescue 4 years ago.
A little over a year ago, we adopted a neutered male named 'Buddy' who was a little over a year old, from a very nice lady. (Buddy was adopted into the family as a replacement companion for Mya after her mate, our beloved 'Tony' passed away.) For over a year now, Mya and Buddy have been good friends. :-)

A few weeks ago 'Buddy's previous owner called and mentioned she was looking for a good home for a little neutered male named 'Scooter', who was a little over a year old. We talked about it some. The more we talked, I realized... 'Scooter' was my little Buddy's Son. After giving it good thought, and knowing the personalities of my two 'kids', and the fact that both Father and Son are neutered... weeeell, I of course had to bring Scooter home. (*BIG grin*) Scooter is a beautiful boy... such a wonderful personality! Hes so handsome too! He doesnt look like my other two 'kids'. He's alot lighter (more of a tan/blonde/brown/red than grey like the other two) and his markings are more reddish brown instead of black/dark grey like Mya and Buddy. I dont know what color he is...LOL...But I think he's BEAUTIFUL! (I would even if he was green....hes just so sweet! :-) The party pictures above... this was the first time they all three got to meet. We have been having playtime seperatly (starting with Mya, the alpha), to see how they react.
The 'Birthday Party' went so well! The 'guests' got along GREAT! So sweet to each other... it was very interesting how Buddy and Scooter (Father and Son) reacted to each other. I know they say animals dont remember things... but it was almost like they remembered each other from before. It was AMAZING to hear their squeeks of joy and the grooming and head rubs etc... when they first saw each other (again). It was not the same reaction with Mya and Scooter (although they are friendly)...this was different. ;-)

Ok, sorry, Ill quit rambling... (we just love him so!)
Here's our newest family member....
(we are hopeing to have all three housed together after a few more introductory playtimes. ;-)

Thank you for visiting!
...The BMX Family

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