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BMXgirl's very special tattoo.
"This tattoo holds ALOT of meaning to me.
Im very proud to have this little guy with me for the rest of my life.
Sugar Gliders have become a part of me... I've learned SO much about
life from these little guys, and gained so much because of them.
I wanted another Glider Owner/Lover to be the one to give me this tattoo.
Our Tattoo Artist is indeed another Glider slave! ;-)
While getting it done, I was surrounded by friends and Gliders... very cool.
Everytime I think about it... I catch myself smiling."

(*Please DO NOT use this image for ANY reason. I had to get permission from
the owner to use this image. This sweet little Glider face has been around for
a long time and is very protected. To use it without permission could
get someone into a bit of legal trouble.)
Click on a picture to enlarge... if all photos do not load, please refresh your page.

       bmxgirlstencil.jpg <-- Applying the stencil.
       bmxgirlstencil1.jpg <-- Stencil's applied.
       bmxgirlinprogress.jpg <-- Working on the back of my neck... (lol... look at that crazed look!)
       bmxgirlinprogress2.jpg <-- still working on it...
       bmxgirlfreshlydone.jpg <-- Almost done. (lil' bloody...)

All finished...

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Please do not use any of the images or graphics here without
proof of granted permission. ;-)     Contact: BMXgirl